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  1. Chapter 2 - Park Bench Strangers

    Friday, September 30, 2016

    The air seemed still in Jasspers office where they had gone to resolve the crisis. Tears frequently suspended themselves on both his women’s eyes. He had to explain, he had to admit it. He was wrong.

    After redundant apologies to both, he broke up with Mary and swore he would not communicate with her again. In their presence he deleted Mary’s number and she deleted his. She left with her face down.

    Days passed by in Jasspers household but things were not the same as before. Daily he would feel the chill of her cold shoulder. She still cooked for him, except she didn’t talk much verbally. She’d leave notes of where she was going on the fridge.

    One day she broke the pattern, she gave him a call at work.
    “Honey, we need to talk.”

    “That’s what I’ve been saying,” he thought. She didn’t specify much about what it is she wanted to talk about but he assumed she wanted them to start working on their relationship again.

    “I’m going home early,” he said to Clarence, his business partner.
    “This has something to do with your wives doesn’t it?”

    “My wife, yes. I love my wife, it’s not longer wives.” He responded, “I guess, I took this one a bit too far. Had never cheated you know, it just happened. I’m not a player.”

    “Nothing just happens fam. Nothing. Admit it, you joined the club. Good luck though.”


    He got out and hopped into his car.
    Got home, Maria opened the door. She was looking ravishingly beautiful, reminding him of old times when she had imprinted her finery on his mind’s iris. In his mind he thought, “How did i ever forget, I come home to this?”

    A table set with such exquisiteness. Dinner was set for two with candles to let him know they were pressing the reset button. He stood there awed as she took his hand and led him to the table.
    They talked about how much they loved each other as they ate and drank and Maria, told Jassper how he had hurt her so much. She said she was now ready to forgive him.
    He was so happy and thanked her for giving him a second chance.

    “I have something else to tell you,” she smiled.

    “What is it honey?” he said with an unsure face.

    “You’re going to be a father!” she leaped with joy.

    He smiled and celebrated with his wife. They kissed and waltzed to their favourite playlist. It was like falling in love all over again.

    Morning came and Jassper scrolled to see all the texts that had been sent the previous night. There were 7 missed calls from a new number and a text message from the same number which said, ”I don’t mean to disturb your life again but I missed my period again – Mary.”
    He quickly deleted the text.

    Mary stood by her bedroom window and thought about how lucky she was that her man was so supportive and caring , ever since she broke the news about he baby he had been extra attentive and loving . Nothing seemed to outrageous or expensive to him.  She smiled as she remembered how he nearly lost his phone whilst looking for anthill dagga at the backyard.

    She loved him, she truly did and the thought of losing him had terrified her until she had discovered this baby and it changed everything ,  she had thought of walking away and never looking back but this baby deserved a father she never had and she was going to make sure it got it. No way was she was walking away not now.

    This baby had brought them closer just when she had thought she had lost him to that wife of his and now it was game set match.


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