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  1. Chapter 3 - Park Bench Strangers

    Thursday, September 29, 2016

    The television is on, a morning news bulletin. Minister Tavengwa is saying something about empowering the youth.

    Mary is hugging her pillow with a remote in her hand. Consistently checking for any response from Jassper.

    Before Minister Tavengwa says more, she switches off the TV.

    "Hypocrites," she says as she rolls out of bed.

    She turns on the radio, opens the curtains to let the sunshine pour in on her face.

    There is a debate on morning radio on girls who date married men. She switches of the radio. Cleans up the room and takes a shower.

    As she gets out of the shower, her phone rings and she rushes for it.

    It's just Chiedza. She wants to know where they are meeting. They decide to meet at the park.

    As she is about to dress up, another phone call.

    "It might be him..."

    Once again she is disappointed, but not too disappointed. It's her mother.

    Her face lightens up. Mum says she should visit her so they can catch up.

    Mary dresses up and leaves for town.

    They meet up with Chiedza and start sharing notes. Chiedza poses a question.

    "Mary, you are not yourself today. Wanna talk?"

    Mary puts on a shaky smile and says, "I'm okay."

    She tilts her head down and tears condense at the corner of each eye.

    "No I'm not okay" she admits.

    "I saw my Dad in the morning. The morning news and..."

    She takes a deep breath.

    "I hate him."

    Chiedza draws closer, and wraps her arm around Mary.

    "My father, has never loved me."

    "Don't say that Mary. Isn't he the one who bought you the iPhone, pays fees, buys you clothes?"

    "He knows he's guilty. For 16 years, he kept me and my mum a secret. His first wife and my step brothers mattered more."

    She sighs, "If it wasn't for snoopy journalists, we would still be the family he'd be ashamed to be in a portrait with."

    "Look Mary at least now he is acknowledging you and your mother ,  I mean you have everything hey , you are the daughter of a minister ,  I suggest you take full advantage  of it "

    Mary laughs "No no no I know that look last time you had that look we got deported from Brazil No  I am going to be on my best behaviour , Mum almost had a heart attack last time No"

    She continues to chuckle and then checks her watch "speaking of which My mom is getting here in about 2 mins and you Do Not want to be here when she arrives "

    Chiedza stands to go but bumps into a 6 ft 1  busty woman with a grey haired tight ponytail.

    "Oh Mhamha , hie I I didn't see you there how are you "

    "I would have been surprised if you had seen me Chiedza Kuendamberi given those Dark shades you have on inside I do hope you were on your way my daughter and I have important things to discuss without interference"

    Chiedza scuttles out muttering under breath. Mary s mother settles into the booth orders water with a dash of vodka then eyes her daughter and scoffs

    " Did you see that excuse of your father being sanctimonious and righteous on national TV , if only they knew what a user and liar he truly is "

    " isn't a too early for communion mother "

    "Don't give me that Mary , I don't know how many times I have told you that your father promised me the world and then made me suffer , he rejected Me , Me and stuck with that Cow in a dress Men are trash I tell you I should have taken him for all he had."

    Mary sighs , she has had this before she knew it by heart ,  blah blah Love blah blah Blah cow blah blah Don't be fooled,  Her mom was a mess always had been.

    "Are you even listening to me ? After what I did to secure your future you are not even giving me attention , look at you gaining weight because of my efforts ,  pray that you never be the second love to any Man ,  walk away I tell you....."

    Mary's Phone rings and she checks the Phone ID flash


    "Excuse me Mum I have to take this".

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