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  1. Chapter 4 - Park Bench Strangers

    Wednesday, September 28, 2016

    Mary secludes herself so that she may take Jassper’s call privately.
    On the other end of the phone, Jassper breathes .

    “How have you been?” He asks.

    “I’m fine and you?” Mary replies.

    An air of silence travels between both earpieces.They begin to speak about the baby. Is she sure?
    That is the big question dangling in the conversation. It seems Jassper at this point is assuming Mary would lie about pregnancy for attention.

    Well of course she is sure. She of all people would know if she were pregnant or not. However as soon as Jassper mentions abortion she drops the phone. A few minutes later she calls him back.

    “Sorry I hung up, I was overwhelmed.” She says.

    “I understand,” is his response.

    Jassper firstly explains that he had not anticipated it would come to this and he would feel very awful and inhumane but he claimed it would be the best decision for the child and them.

    Mary agreed and asked him if he knew a doctor that could take care of this job. Jassper promised that he would do some research and urged her not to spill any beans about it. He apologizes to her and ends the call.

    Mary smiles, plays back the phone conversation they just had and whispers, “I got you where i want you. This will be easier than I thought.”

    Immediately she tells her mother that she has to go somewhere quickly.She hugs her mother, kisses her on the cheek and tells her that she loves her. Then they escort each other out of the park to go their separate ways.

    Jassper hangs up the phone and dials a number anxiously tapping his pen on the papers on his desk. "Musiyazi? whats up my guy ?"

    "Eh Jassper My man , wass' good asi you want your ass handed to you again On Friday?"

    "Hahaha You Know I let you win I , you needed to balance the scales just a lil bit wanga wanyanya."

    "Get away Jassper , you know i beat you Fair and square your game has been off lately."

    "Well that is what i sort of need to talk to you about , I need your help Man..."

    "With what ? As long as its not, insert prohibited drugs apa , again then we Good" 

    "Haa No its not that again , i have a situation on my hands  and i need it gone like last time"                                
    THERE WAS SILENCE from the other side

    "Why do u keep doing this Man ? Why ? How many times do you have to go through this before you realize that you are a trainwreck waiting to happen?"

    Jassper sighed ...

    "You owe me bruh , but I promise this is the last time ,I don't even know how this happened again , I was so careful , but you should see her Musiyazi she look just like Sarah , its uncanny "

    " You are chasing a ghost Jass , and one of these days you are going to lose everything cause you cant get over a snotty little Know it all from 30 years ago, but fine I will text you later , you now know the drill I suppose . Bye"

    Jassper stands and faces the window in his study and let his thoughts drift to Sarah , wonderful sweet unattainable Sarah , The love of his life , the one who got away.

    When Mary get’s home she uploads the audio recording of Jassper luring her into abortion onto her drop box, she renames the file to trap-1.mp3 and logs off. She then walks to her bed and lays her head, gazing at the ceiling and seeing a movie unfold in her own imagination.


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